Let's make it straight. This website is designed to show you fancy cursors. So it doesn't make much sense to view it on any mobile device as you will not see those wicky cursors.  🤷

Fancy Cursors is a simple online tool that allows you easily replace boring default cursor on your website with a fancy one. If you have any other idea for a new fancy cursor, let me know→. Also, try to hover a button to see hover state👇

To add this cursor to your website copy-paste this code at the end of the <head> tag:

body {cursor: url('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coob113/fancy-cursors/master/target1.png') 64 64, auto !important;}
a {cursor: url('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coob113/fancy-cursors/master/target2.png') 64 64, auto !important;}

Something like default cursor can be quite cool, but be aware that it can be surprising for your users. Consider all the pros and cons before implementing. I don’t take any responsibility for your confused users.

Made with ❤️ by Vova Kurbatov